Music Composition

Wonder how we create original scores? Learn the process, step by step, from concept to creation.

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AGFA (RealAudio) (MP3)
AMA through Biomedical Video
Bell Atlantic [Ragtime, Industrial] (RealAudio) (MP3)
EMC Corporation[ Swing Jazz] (RealAudio) (MP3)
D.C. Heath Publishers [Instructional Song] (RealAudio) (MP3)
Hewlett Packard [Orchestral: Modern American] (RealAudio) (MP3)
E.P.A./New England Interstate Water Pollution Commission
Fidelity Investments
Houghton Mifflin Publishers [Country Western] (RealAudio)
IBM Corporation for Thomas Communications
Johnson & Johnson through Riley Productions
Lotus Software
Millipore Corporation
NEC Computer Corporation [Heavy Rock] (RealAudio) (MP3)
Physicians Video Journal (Biomedical Video)
         [Orchestra / Industrial] (RealAudio) (MP3)
Tufts New England Medical Center


General Audience

New England Interstate Water Pollution Commission
New England Wildflower Association [Solo Jazz Piano] [RealAudio]
U.S National Parks Service
Video Tours for WAVE, Inc.
     • Plymouth Plantation
            [Recorders, Piano] (RealAudio) (MP3)   
     • American Museum of Natural History
           [Orchestral Fanfare; Afrikan Bed] (RealAudio) (MP3)
      •Freedom Trail [Revolutionary War March] (RealAudio) (MP3)


Lambchops Productions (Shari Lewis) PBS ["My Aunt Rose Went To Paris"] (RealAudio) (MP3)
"L'il Iguana" WABU-TV [Show Theme](RealAudio) (MP3)
NPR: The Spider's Web [Piano / Guitar Theme] (RealAudio) (MP3)
"A Likely Story" WCVB-TV
     • Instrumental [Segue]: (RealAudio) (MP3)
     • Vocal ["Zooks, Books"] (Real Audio) (MP3)

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