The Six Steps of Original Music Composition

          1. Contact Musictracks Audio via telephone, e-mail, or in person and describe the basic function of the music desired (bed, bridge, open, etc.), the basic feel of the music suggestion: refer to other similar music or make a list of adjectives that approximate the feel (e.g. driving, warm, transparent, etc.), and the number of music cuts budget parameters.

          2. Supply the story board, script or treatment of images to decide on the exact number of cuts duration of each piece instrumentation (synthetic, acoustic, mix of both, etc.) completion due date(s).

          3. Provide, if possible, finished video or Quick Time file (SMPTE timings helpful).

          4. Then, either we'll supply sample compositions over the phone or on audio cassette to get in the ball-park on style, or, you supply samples of prerecorded music that approximate the feel.

          5. Next, we'll start composing the audio tracks. At a prearranged midpoint in production, we'll play you the current composition for your approval, then tweak accordingly to your specifications and continue composition.

          6. Last, the final mix down at Musictracks Audio. We strongly suggest you be present for this session, but if time does not permit, we'll play the final version over the phone via Internet, then mix it down to whatever audio medium you desire, be it DAT, sound files, Minidisc, CD, or delivery in person, Fed-Ex or viathe Internet.

          7. Did we say six steps? Step seven: you're sold on the added value of original scoring and use original music in your next production!

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